In Pursuit of Equality: A Framework for Equity Strategies in Competency-Based Education (2017)

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Social Emotional Learning - Equity

Author: Chris Sturgis

Competency Works

Below is an excerpt. Click here to access the article. 

With the idea of a fixed mindset underpinning the traditional K-12 system – children were either labeled smart or not so smart, and nothing could change that – teachers played a powerful role in determining the future of their students. Furthermore, if students were already categorized as smart or not so smart, there wasn’t much a teacher could do to shape the future of students. Add into this mix the ideas that girls, immigrants, children from families that worked in farms or factories, and Native American or African-American children either couldn’t or shouldn’t learn to high levels. The result? Only one-third of our eighth graders were performing at grade level or above in math and reading. Inequality was reinforced and inequitable educational outcomes were systematically produced. Efficacy and accountability of the teaching profession and schools were diminished.

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