Social and Emotional Learning Policies and Physical Education

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Social Emotional Learning - Equity

Authors: Jenn Jacobs & Paul Wright

Shape America

Below is an excerpt. Click here to access "Social and Emotional Learning Policies and Physical Education". 

While physical education provides a natural opportunity to promote SEL, e ective physical education teachers must implement teaching strategies that intentionally address SEL competencies. There are many well-developed instructional models that represent best practices for developing these competencies, including teaching personal and social responsibility (TPSR; Hellison, 2011), sport education (Siedentop, Hastie, & van der Mars, 2004), and adventure-based learning (Miner & Boldt, 1981). e TPSR model provides students with opportunities to take on responsible roles and to practice life skills such as self-control, goal setting, and leadership. is model empowers students to make choices and self-re ect, and therefore, aligns greatly with the SEL skills of decision making and self-awareness.


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