Preparing Learner-Ready Teachers: Guidance from NTEP States for Ensuring a Culturally Responsive Workforce (2018)

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AUTHORS: Council of Chief State School Officers

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America’s student population has become increasingly diverse, but our nation’s teaching population is 82 percent white. Indeed, in 2014, the percentage of students of color surpassed that of white students and became the majority. In addition, English learners now comprise almost 10 percent of all students, while the teaching force remains predominantly white, female, and monolingual. Of course, we cannot assume that teachers who look like their students or share their culture will necessarily be better teachers. But there is research showing that diversifying the teaching population can have positive effects on teachers’ expectations of students of color and their academic success and persistence (Dee, 2007; Egalite et al., 2015; Lindsay & Hart, 2017; Holt & Gershenson, 2015; Gershenson et al., 2017). As such, there is tremendous urgency to attract, prepare, support, and retain a more diverse teacher workforce. Still, we know that diversifying teaching is a long-term endeavor and won’t happen overnight.

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