Queer and of Color: A Systematic Literature Review on Queer Students of Color in Higher Education Scholarship (2018)

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Higher Education

Author: Antonio Duran

Journal of Diversity in Higher Education

Below is an excerpt. Click here to access the article. 

For many QPOC individuals, coming out is a process that people undergo selectively, not being as public with their sexuality compared with their White queer peers. Patton’s (2011) study on African American gay and bisexual college men revealed that for many QPOC, sexuality was a private matter: “For them, coming out was not a public process. They did not feel a sense of urgency to disclose their sexuality to others” (p. 86). Comparably, Narui (2014) discussed how Asian/Asian Americans may feel the need to “save face,” making the decision to not come out in order to fulfill parental and cultural expectations (p. 187). (Duran, 2018, p.2)

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