Use the SCARF Assessment to Enhance Your Leadership Approach

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Author: David Rock 

NeuroLeadership Institute

Click here to take the SCARF assessment and here to read "Use the SCARF Assessment to Enhance Your Leadership Approach". Here is an excerpt from the report.

The study of the brain, particularly within the field of social, cognitive and affective neuroscience is starting to provide some underlying brain insights that can be applied in the real world (Lieberman, 2007). Social neuroscience explores the biological foundations of the way humans relate to each other and to themselves and covers diverse topics that have a different degree to which they can be operationalized and unambiguously tested. Topics include: theory of mind, the self, mindfulness, emotional regulation, attitudes, stereotyping, empathy, social pain, status, fairness, collaboration, connectedness, persuasion, morality, compassion, deception, trust and goal pursuit.


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