Social-Emotional Learning Starts with Adults (2018)

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Social-Emotional Learning Starts with Adults (2018)

Author: Meena Srinivasan


Below is an excerpt. Click to access "Social-Emotional Learning Starts with Adults".

There are a few brilliant souls to whom I often turn for guidance. Some of these individuals are present-day mentors I can call on the phone or meet with over coffee. I also connect with inspiring thought leaders I've never met through their books and writing. One is the great, late Maya Angelou, who overcame grinding poverty and abuse in her youth to become one of the most celebrated writers in the United States. Her heartful wisdom and understanding of human relationships never cease to amaze me. I recently came across an article that shared four critical questions Angelou felt we unconsciously ask each other all the time (Schafler, 2017):...

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