Supporting Social-Emotional Learning With Evidence-Based Programs (2018)

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Social Emotional Learning - Equity

AUTHORS: Margaret Flynn-Khan & Lynn Tiede

The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Below is an excerpt. Click here to access this article.

Public schools are responsible for preparing all children and youth to succeed in college, careers and life. To this end, the education system has historically focused on developing students’ academic knowledge and skills — but a growing body of research shows that a narrow focus on academic accomplishment does not suffice, and that children need social, emotional and cognitive capabilities to fully thrive. In fact, students’ academic success depends, in part, on their ability to manage their emotions, build relationships, focus their attention and solve problems.1 This research only underscores what many school administrators and teachers have acknowledged for years — that students’ unmet social, emotional and mental health needs are a major barrier to their academic achievement.

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