What White Children Need to Know About Race (2014)

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What White Children Need to Know About Race

Authors: Ali Michael & Eleonora Bartoli

National Association of Independent Schools

Below is an excerpt. Click here to access "What White Children Need to Know About Race". 

While most scholars of racial socialization agree that the primary means of racial socialization happens in the home, there is also broad consensus that it is a multidirectional process and that messages reach children through books, media, television, music, and schools. Many white parents in the Bartoli et al. study used school as one of their only conscious racial socialization strategies, sending their children to racially diverse schools in the hope that they would learn the racial competence they needed by being in a racially diverse environment. Yet few schools currently engage in conscious policies to support the development of positive racial identity, in spite of the fact that research has shown that such work could lead to a better racial climate as well as stronger academic outcomes for all students.

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