The Unequal Impact of Suspension on the Opportunity to Learn in California (2018)

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School Discipline

Authors: Daniel J. Losen and Kacy Martin

The Center for Civil Rights Remedies | UCLA

Below is an excerpt. Click to access the Executive Summary and full report.

In 2016-17, schoolchildren in California lost an estimated 763,690 days of instruction time, a figure based on the combined total of 381,845 in-school suspensions (ISS) and out-of-school suspensions (OSS). By translating the underlying suspension rates into conservative estimates of the resulting lost instruction, this report intentionally highlights the unequal educational impact of suspensions. Using the same formula developed in our prior reports (we assign two days for each suspension), we estimate the number of days of instruction lost due to suspension by simply doubling the reported rates of suspension per 100 enrolled students.

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