Is Equity More Important than Equality?

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Today’s Bite-Sized PD for Educational Equity was inspired by:

Equity in Education: What it Is and Why it Matters

By Thought Leaders

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What's the difference between equality and equity?

Key Statement: The difference between equality and equity is that the former treats students as if their learning needs are the same. The latter treats students as if their learning needs are different and strives to meet students where they are to ensure that their learning outcomes are the same. This may mean that some students receive more support than others, which is fair and just.

Top Five Takeaways for Equity

1. Equitable schools create systems that help to eliminate or equip students with the ability to navigate structural barriers to their academic success. For example, we formed a parent group that provides food for students with food insecurity at home.

2. Equitable schools hold all students to the same learning standards and supports students in reaching those standards, rather than lowering them.

3. Equitable schools have access to additional resources for students with additional needs.

4. Equitable schools ensure students with learning differences are accommodated.

5. Equitable schools teach rigorous content that reflects the identities represented throughout the school, provide quality supports and exceptional faculty to ensure the content is accessible.

DO NOW - Identify one area below that you will address at your school and commit to raising this issue with your leadership before the first day of school next school year.

Ten Steps to Equity in Education

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