I Can See Peace - Culturally Responsive Curations

I Can See Peace

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This award-winning children's book features multicultural children and children of varied abilities, finding peace in situations where peace could be hard to find. Kids and adults alike learn to seek peace using mindful breathing and more, to cope with their various struggles. Realistic scenarios help children believe that peace can be found if they seek it.

This book is a wonderful visual and inspirational journey for children. Children of all sorts of ethnic backgrounds appreciate the planet's wonderful beauty, even when they are surrounded by poverty, personal challenges, or interpersonal conflict. They learn that peace is all around them and can be found in some unexpected places. Sometimes it can be difficult to see peace, but even when it is interrupted, "I have the power and the wisdom to seek the tools to solve things peacefully."

When strong emotions hit us like lightning bolts, it can be very frightening. This book shows children in traumatic situations others can relate to, learning to deal with their strong emotions and get back to peace.

The included parent and teacher guide helps adults and children gain a deeper understanding of the concepts. The music notation for the "I Smile at Myself" song is included.