El Corazón Deck: Where Culture, Justice & Community Intersect

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El Corazón Deck is a teaching and learning tool, designed with students and educational and organizational leaders and professionals, to inspire relevant, dynamic critical thinking and explore the ways in which culture, justice, and community relate to and impact topics such as cultural values & identities, current events, history, colonization, systemic oppression, stereotypes & assumptions, microaggressions & micromessages, and unconscious bias.

El Corazón Deck is designed for use in classroom and professional development environments to examine the ways its categories and topics intersect with our respective communities’ struggles, and how collective liberation can emerge through individual recognition and ownership of
experiences, histories, and cultural perspectives.

Use the deck as is, or utilize the blank cards to tailor culturally relevant lessons to your specific needs.

El Corazón Deck is also available as a full curriculum, with implementation support and corresponding, individualized materials, as well as online and
in-person train the trainer modules.


El Corazón Deck is separated into 13 categories reflecting contemporary issues affecting communities everywhere, under which nine (9) cards about related topics, reside.

Cards on the tens (0, 10, 20, 30, etc.) are “Community” cards, and an opportunity to explore and apply a broad idea to your analysis.For example, use Card 100, “Our Differences Makes Us Stronger”, to discuss ways our unique perspectives contribute to our collective strengths.

The “La Bandera” category uses flags as a means to situate and discuss identities, places of origin, cultural context, code and culture shifting, mixed and multiple races and cultures, and immigration. For example, use the La Bandera cards to explore common microaggressions and bias and examine and analyze demographic data, access, and statistics about intersections of identity and other systems, like gender, sexuality, students success, dis/ability, economic justice, and more.

“Wild Cards” are meant to propel a critical thinking process. For example, use a Wild Card to explore how poverty affects student success and mental health or to discuss how Black Lives Matter is in service to all liberation.

Every category download comes with blank cards so any facilitator can make a lesson as relevant to their audience as possible.


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